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  • Who are we Fleurenee

    It was based on a personal interest while working in the medical field for many years that i finally started my own line of skin care products. Although fully trained in modern medicine system, the mystic power of plants has always fascinating my vision of understanding the world. I always envision the combination of the powerful nature with the efficient modern technique. Rooted from this ,comes Fleurenee

  • Moment with Fleurenee

    make everyday extraordinary.

    Summer? Almost!

    It yet to come

    The blossom of wild trees. The temperature is still chill.

    Love it!

  • Fleurenee As Enjoy


    We created Fleurenee as to worship the flowers and the nature has to give.
    Beautiful and peaceful while full of energy and power.
    Extracting the power of organic nature in our products brings you the exceptional results in skin care.
    Hope you enjoy our products as the bird enjoy the sun and relaxing.