A little small talk about us

    Endless Hope

    A small tagline

    Just like our daughter standing on her first stands and looking forward, we are the same to the bright future and into our brand.


    Our Philosophy

    Shadowed from the background of modern medicine and traditional herbal medicine, Fleurenee outreaches for the higher performance yet elegant result in skin care products. We combine aromatherapy and scientific research together in all aspects just for your best looking skin and peaceful euphoric soul. Tradition and modern are never as emerged as such in our bottles and jars. They are just as harmony as water and air that needed for the body.


    We will never use any harsh fillers or chemical particles in our products. Only the proven beneficial ingredients are added in for your best care and interests. We are sourcing all around the world as organic as we can to obtain the maximum purity and healing power in our products. As for skin to regain its neutral condition is the most beautiful way of presenting the best of you, our goal is to achieve the better result as natural power could do to you: balancing, empowering and healing. Most of our products are working on correcting and leading your body’s self-healing power, regulating the malfunctioned cells and eliminating the toxic metabolic productions.


    Balancing and optimizing are key effects in our products. Yet, our products are never tested on animals. Equity in between all creatures is our belief. Practicing kindly, carefully and sustainably to the world is our soul. That is the reason of our chosen of the glass containers and in house printed labels, to avoid the carbon prints as much as we can. Our packaging may not be the most eye-catching-able but we stand behind our products more than the appearance could say.


    Inspired by our lovely daughter who has medical difficulties and has conquered enormous challenges, Fleurenee is a gift for the world to express our view of the repairing and sensational exceling ability of a human body. With adequate helping and guiding, human body and genie sequences could acquire an unbelievable result in self-healing and improving.

    We and our dreams

    We are a very small family owned company based on Vancouver, BC, Canada. As all the immigrants come to this peaceful and beautiful country, our vision of this land are full of love and inspiration. It is a wonderland for our small dream seed to grow into a real fascinating business.